Arcade Games Table – 1200 games



All of your favourite arcade games including Galaga, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Pacman, 1942 and Frogger in one retro look machine.

They’re Back! 1200 of your all time favourite arcade games in one cocktail games table machine. If you are domestic user you can be assured our Arcade Games Table machine will give countless hours of fun and enjoyment for the entire family. For the commercial user Arcade Games Table can provide a high quality machine that not only looks good but will be a reliable investment that can provide profits for many years.

Features of our Arcade Games Table machine include:

19″ LCD flat screen
2 player with flip screen for 2nd player
Volume control
Free Play or Coin Operation

We supply a 12 months warranty on every machine.

List of the games: Ms Pacman; Galaga; Frogger; Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior; Donkey Kong 3; Galaxian; Dig Dug; Crush Roller; Mr. Do; Space Invaders; Pacman; Galaga3; Gyruss; Tank Battalion; 1942; Ladybug; Burger Time; Mappy; Centipede; Millipede; JR Pacman; Pengo; Phoenix; Time Pilot; Super Cobra; Hustler; Space Panic; Super Breakout; New Rally X; Arkanoid; Qix; Juno Frist; Xevious; Mr. Do’s Castle; Moon Cresta; Pinball Action; Scramble; Super Pacman; Bomb Jack; Shao-Lin’s Road; King & Balloon; 1943; Van-Van Car; Pacman Plus; Dig Dug 2; Amidar; Zaxxon; Pooyan; Pleiads; Gun. Smoke; The End; 1943 Kai; Congo Bongo; Jumping Jack; Ms Pacman 2; Galaga 2; Pacman 2; Jr Pacman 2; Pacman Plus 2.

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