Soccer Foosball Tables

Soccer/Foosball Tables

Let the fun begin and never end! Foosball is an interesting game which is widely enjoyed at clubs, homes and corporate offices. If you are looking for a Foosball table for your home, corporate office or restaurant, give us a call to get a free price quote or come down to our store to choose from various options.

Whether you are a restaurant owner or own a corporate office, having a Soccer Foosball table in the leisure room is a great way to entertain customers and staff. If you already have a Soccer Foosball table but it’s not being used due to a broken rod or because there’s no ball left in the pit, buy genuine parts and accessories from TopShotz to make your Foosball table functional again.

Soccer/Foosball Tables Online in Australia

When you buy a Soccer Foosball table online, we promise that you get what you see.

We sell Soccer Foosball tables which are proudly in Italy by Garlando with durable foosball rods and a wooden frame that is tightly bolted to withstand physical impact. A Foosball table comes in a standard size but there are a few size variations you can choose from to fit your budget and space preferences.

If you are looking for a Foosball/soccer table for commercial use, we recommend buying the heavy-duty variant which is designed to withstand everyday abuse.

TopShotz is an Australia-based supplier of Soccer Foosball tables and accessories. All our quality products are locally manufactured and are sold at an affordable price.