Pool Table Repairs & Restoration

Pool Table Repairs & Restoration

Your billiard table is something that gets used and eventually at some stage, will need to be repaired or completely restored. Thankfully, Topshotz billiards offer full restorations on Pool and Billiard Tables.

General Billiard Table Services

Topshotz Billiards recommends general on-site table servicing once a year on home played tables. For clubs and other publicly used tables a much more frequent service scheduling is recommended.

Topshotz Billiards billiard table services includes:

  • Re-clothing and re-rubbering of the table and cushions
  • Ironing the felt as needed
  • Replacing pockets or empire rails
  • Re-tightening bolts and screws of all points on the table frame, legs, cushion bolts and pocket areas and adjusting as required.
  • Re-levelling of your table and re-marking your table

Pool Table Reclothing and Refelting

A good quality pool table used only in the home lasts many years and so will the cloth if cared for correctly. In pubs, clubs and publicly used pool tables, table reclothing is required much more frequently and we generally replace the felt on-site in your home or club.

The procedure for replacing the cloth is as follows:

  • Remove the old cloth from the pool table slate or bed and the cushions.
  • Examine the cushions for any damage and replacing the cusions if necessary
  • Recover the cushions with new, high quality cloth (Topshotz uses English Hainsworth or Strachan cloth)
  • Refitting new cloth to the pool table bed and cushions.
  • Brushing and or Ironing the new pool table felt
  • Marking and spotting the new cloth
  • Complete re-assembly of the table.

Refitting Pool Table Cushions

Buying quality pool tables, the cushions should last a a very long time but eventually they will become firm and offer little bounce. The procedure for installing new cushion rubber involves:

  • One of our staff will visit your home or club, remove the cushion rails from the table and bring them to our premises
  • In our on-site workshop we complete the job of removing the cushions from the pool table cushion rails
  • We prepare the rails, which requires gluing and screwing the new cushion blocks in place
  • Refitting new rubbers to the cushion blocks. ( the cushion rubber will  require cutting, grinding and re-shaping)
  • Recover the completed cushions in new high-quality cloth
  • Our staff member will revisit your home or club and refit the cushion rails to your pool table