Dining Pool Tables

A family that eats ‘and plays’ together stays together.

Offering a range of dining pool tables, TopShotz brings families/friends closer for a hearty meal and a fantastic game of pool before or after. Choose from our exquisite selection of dining pool tables, which are designed to impress and entertain.

Our dining pool table can accommodate up to 12 people for meetings, mealtime or simply having a good time. And when it’s game time, simply lift the table top sections and start enjoying the game of pool right away.

Buying a dining pool table is a perfect way to save space and money, as you will get the benefit of both tables merged into one.

Dining Room Pool Tables For Sale

TopShotz features a wide range of dining tables for sale in Australia. Ideal for homes and commercial spaces. Available in a natural, chic finish with minimalist compact design, a dining pool table is the answer to your space constraints.

Cheap Dining Pool Tables

The fact that a dining pool table serves dual purpose, you are already spared of the additional expense. At a price of a pool table, you will get a pool dining table – it’s pretty much difficult to say no to a deal like this.

Call TopShotz to get a free price quote for any which pool table you see fitting your taste and budget parameters.